Saturday, 24 May 2008

Circle of Friends

I have to say i was rather shocked to learn that Natalie passed me on this reward as ive not posted a card in ages. Thankyou Natalie its very appreciated:

It is now my turn to pass it on to four people. Firstly im giving it back to Natalie and also to Vicki May, Vicki and Gina. Im so sorry to all my blogging friends for not making any posts lately, but i promise to get something posted today...

Love Noleen xx


NattyK said...

You are very welcome Noleen. And thankyou again for the fab thank you card I received, I posted it on my blog hope you have seen it. I was really touched thanks. x

Vicki May said...

oooo thank you Noleen, I'm sooo chuffed hugs Vicki oxo's